Pole Finesse Owner

Pole Finesse creator Jade Thomas

Pole Finesse was created in 2018 by Jade Thomas, a Pole Dance Instructor and Aerial enthusiast.

Jade first started Pole Dancing 9 years ago in the Isle of Man and, like all Pole Dancers, became hooked instantly. Her love for Pole soon developed into a love of teaching and Jade has enjoyed almost 8 years teaching a whole host of wonderful people. 

Like any new 'Poler' the idea of wearing shorts felt a little daring but the shiny, sparkly and sassy outfits soon drew her in thanks to the new found confidence the sport had given her. The love for Pole clothing soon became as big as her love for Pole Dancing and she began to dream of one day starting her own brand.

But, we arnt quite there in the story yet …

Jades dedication to her students and her own training meant the pole brand dream was just that, a dream and Jade was thoroughly enjoying all the workshops with all the amazing pole champions, trips to watch competitions and all the exciting things that comes with such a welcoming community. 

Fastforward to today, past a very pregnant Jade keeping up with her training right till the last trimester, and after a lot of planning, meetings, interviews and a whole new office full of equipment.

What once was a dream was now becoming a reality. 

Jade creates all of the designs and prints the garments herself giving freedom for creativity and colour / glitter choice and giving the consumer a unique and beautiful garment to make your heart smile … because you know it does.

Pole Finesse is still only in its infancy as a company and have already had orders from all over the world. Not to mention a huge overwhelming list of positive comments and amazing feedback from customers so far.

There is so much more to come, watch this space ...